Coconut Lime - The ultimate refresher. A tantalising fusion of fresh coconut, and lime and invigorating verbena soothed by luscious vanilla. An irresistible classic.


Simply stunning soap!  Treat yourself - moisturise your skin and smell divine.


All of our artisan soaps are made with the highest quality plant based oils. NO added nasty chemicals. They also contain a high amount of coconut cream which insures that the soap has a creamy moisturising effect. 


Due to the nature of being handcrafted, no soaps are ever the sam. To prolong the life of your soap, place on a dry soap dish out of shower when not in use.


Ingredients: Olive oil, canola oil,coconut oil,coconut cream,distilled water,sustainable palm oil,sodium hydroxide,rice bran oil,castor oil,body safe fragrance, kaolin clay, sodium lactate, titanium dioxide, mica colours, neon pigment colours

Decoration: coconut oil,palm oil, safflower oil, glycerine(vegetable), purified water, sodium hydroxide, sorbitol, sorbitan oleate, oat protein,wheat protein,and/or paper drinking straw, cosmetic glitter

Artisan Soap - Coconut Lime


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